LAS VEGAS, NV, Jul 29, 2017 - (JCN Newswire) - Trillium Inc, a leading provider of automotive IoT cybersecurity solutions, this week announced the launch of "SecureSKYE," a data mining and analytics solution for the transportation industry, and enabler of monetization for data-driven innovations and applications from the insurance tech industry, at Black Hat USA 2017, the world's leading information security event, held July 22-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

SecureSKYE creates a comprehensive, dynamically updated profile of the car and its driver. Utilizing the platform's data-mining and analytics capabilities, 'safety-and-security' applications and services such as geolocation-based emergency services, insurance tech solutions including 'Usage-Based Insurance,' 'CyberSecurity-as-a-Service,' 'Forensics-as-a-Service' and even preemptive vehicular maintenance are all made possible.

"In-vehicle telematic control units are not new. However, the cybersecure, mass collection of such telling data on so large a scale represents a golden opportunity for insurers, traditional security and cybersecurity service providers, automotive manufacturers and wireless carriers," says Trillium CEO David M. Uze.

SecureSKYE opens the door for insurers to tap into a new and lucrative revenue pool through enabeing a vast market for the profitable underwriting of autonomous vehicle and connected car insurance policies, as well as the roll-out of new fee-based services and applications.

"We are now at the cusp of realizing the extraordinary benefits of IoT. Car insurance will be transformed from a 'passive financial safety net' to a 'proactive life saver.' It's a 'win-win-win' for insurers, auto manufacturers and vehicle owners, and positions Trillium as the backbone to provide the protection required in an autonomously driven world," says Mr. Uze.

SecureSKYE is available for implementation in either blockchain or cloud-based formats, while analytic outputs are customizable to meet the precise requirements of our customers' service applications. SecureSKYE manages all data with top priority on ensuring privacy and confidentiality of user information. Trillium has delivered SecureSKYE to a Japanese OEM customer.

After Black Hat comes DEF CON, the worlds's premiere hacker conference, running July 27-30. Here, Trillium's automotive cybersecurity is under attack in the Car Hacking Village by the hacker community, challenged to compromise Trillium's BrainBOX and SecureCAR Server platform - as part of the "Capture the Flag" competition. For details,,, and for hackers,

About Trillium

Tokyo-based Trillium Inc was founded in 2014 by a team of executives and engineers from Japan, Europe and the U.S. with extensive experience in automotive networking, cybersecurity, embedded systems and IoT. Trillium provides a multilayered suite of cybersecurity tools - SecureCAR, SecureIXS, and SecureOTA - and data-mining capabilities - SecureSKYE - to protect automobiles and IoT connected devices around the globe from cyber-attack. Trillium is backed by lead investor Global Brain, a Tokyo-based venture capitalist.

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